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Nate's Journal
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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
12:18 pm
5:10 AM
Yes, imagine me asleep all warm in my bed. Sweet dreams dancing in my head. Then to my surprise I hear my phone start to ring. I grab it and with one eye see Daniel plastered across the screen. I look at the time and it is 5:10AM. My first thought is he is drunk again and this is going to be a great conversation. Then I think oh what if he is stranded and needs me to go pick him up. So I answer:

Me: Hello (graugy sleepy voice)
Tom: Hi Nathan this is Daniel's friend Tom
Me: Hi (with questioning tone)
Tom: You sound hot
Me: Okay
Tom: You sound hot
Me: Thanks I guess
Tom: What are you up to?
Me: Sleeping (in a sarcastic tone)
Tom: I'm sorry I know this is weird, but I kept telling Daniel tonight that I was going to go through his phone and call.
Me: Okay
Tom: I have a name fetish and I saw Nathan and had to call because that name is so hot. You sound hot
Me: Where are you (still half asleep trying to figure out if this is a joke or what is going on)
Tom: Southeast. Where are you?
Me: Vancouver
Tom: Where?
Me: East Vancouver
Tom: Vancouver is not that far to go for someone who is hot
Me: Is Daniel there?
Tom: Yes, but don't be mad at him. Be mad at me. He had nothing to do with this.
Me: I'm not mad I find this hilarious. Can I talk to him?
Tom: Well let me see I can try to kick him.
Me: Is he asleep?
Tom: I'll just kick him a little
Me: Don't wake him up it is fine.
Tom: You sound hot
Me: Okay well I'm going to go back to sleep now
Tom: Oh, don't be mad at Daniel though he had nothing to do with this.
Me: Okay
Tom: You sound hot. So can I call you again sometime?
Me: No I don't think so this is all a little weird. I need more information about you. I'm going back to bed now
Tom: Okay I know it is weird
Me: Bye
Tom: Goodnight

Then a few minutes later I get a text message saying "Sweet Jesus I'm so sorry" from Daniel. And then subsequent messages saying how annoying this Tom guy is and how he wants to murder him. I still am not sure it was Daniel I was conversing with in the text messages. I can't wait to hear the details of what lead up to this though. Because this Tom guy was weird and I just hope he didn't write my number down eventhough I said not to call again.

I find it all very hilarious though now that I am awake HA HA
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
11:25 pm
Thanksgiving and more
Why is it that on this day every year we see how much we can possibly shove down our throats. We stuff and stuff and stuff until we are just on the verge of exploding. So we then sit for maybe 1/2 an hour writhing in pain and waxing poetic about the great meal we just ate and how much we managed to cram down our throats this year. Then after this someone says pie and you sit down to 1 or 2 or 3 slices of varying pie because they are all just so good you have to have a little of each. Then as soon as we are done scraping and licking the plate we sit again waxing on about how good that was, but we really should not have ate that last piece of pie or any pie at all. It really is inconceivable why, but I LOVE IT!!!!

This time of year brings about the "What are you thankful for?" question. I was dreading it because I think it is so cheesy and I refuse to do the pray thing. But sure enough my sister said why don't we go around and say what we are thankful for. I cringed! She looked at me and said because I know how much Nate likes to do that. I was so glad she was joking. I talked them into a toast instead. Something much simpler, easier, and fun because you get to clang glasses. Now if I can just get them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every Christmas I will be very happy.

In other news RENT opened on wednesday and I could not wait to go see it. I read two reviews before I saw the movie and both were not good, but one complained about not using the great scenic points of New York. I wonder if this person had ever seen or knew anything about RENT. So I went very excited, but prepared for it to be bad just in case because these things do not always turn out well. IT WAS FABULOUS! I loved it. It was so great. I do have to admit that I am a bit biased as I have seen the play twice and own the whole play on CD with the original cast. But this movie was done very well and represented the play very well. In fact the script is exactly that of the play, well 99% of it. There were a few slight changes made for obvious production reasons and the changes did not effect the overall movie at all. I noticed because I am such a fan. Everybody should run out and see this immediately.
Sunday, October 16th, 2005
4:27 am
The Lion King Rocks!!!
So tonight I went to see The Lion King. Let me just say that I have seen a fair number of Broadway plays and this one is one of the best. It is just visually stunning and great. I am so glad I was able to go and feel very glutonous in the fact that I get to go again next weekend, but it is well worth it. I went with a couple friends and we ended up eating dinner at Carl's Jr. because either there was no parking or the wait was too long at all the places we went to. Then after the show my Bitches wanted to go dancing and thought Embers would be fun. So we headed there and really had a blast. I was surprised at how good the music was and at how you had the option to dance or just sit and talk. It was a lot of fun and I have decided that AMF's are my new favorite drink. After three of those I was all ready to partay!! Then the bartender made us a "specialty" which was mango rum, sprite, and a splash of cranberry. It was very tasty. Even after all that I still managed to get us all to Shari's fine. At Shari's we got the best compliment ever as the waitress told us we were funny. Needless to say everytime she walked to our table we were laughing about some vulgar thing we had come up with. We had a great time just laughing about the evening and now I am home just about to head to bed before the sun rises.
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
6:12 pm
This is how it all began
So Thursday night after UPS I went to Izzy's to train this person to close. So we are going along (read me sitting in a chair twiddling my thumbs as she does all the work) and the maintenance guys are there working. Well they go over to one of the sinks in the dish area to wash out a sponge and the sink starts backing up. So the one guy goes and gets liquid plumber, but they had to get going to the other store. So I poured some down the drain and waited for a while and went back to check. Nothing had happened. The water was still backed up in the sink. So I just left it, as I was the person opening friday morning I figured I would deal with it then. So I ran home so I could watch Alias, Survivor, Apprentice, and The Daily Show. I went in Friday morning and the water had gone down. So I poured some more liquid plumber down the drain and let it sit for a bit. Then I went back and started cleaning out the crap in the sinks while running hot, hot, hot water down the drain to help clean it out. The water ran for about five minutes and no more backing up. So I thought it was all fixed. Well then about 1pm I took some plates back and the dish guy shows me that both sinks are almost completely full of water and so is the drain under his spray nozzle. So I plunged it a couple times and just decided to call the plumber. So I get them out there an hour later only to have to tell the guy that he is trying to unplug the wrong drain and that it is the pipe. I thne have to show him where he should probably unscrew the backflow and put the snake in there. I should have been paid the $60 an hour instead. And probably could have fixed it if I had the right tools there. Anyway so he gets it unclogged finally and I rush off to get home to change and shower before going to UPS. I get to UPS and everything is hunky dory until about 5:30 when a local sorter comes in to get his scanner and proceeds to have a seizure. Now I have never seen anyone have a seizure and it freaked me the hell out. Luckily there were two other people in the office who got right over to him and I called 911. The dispatcher then proceeded to tell me to have him on his side and make sure he was breathing and such which is normal and then started asking me questions like has he had one before? Is he on medication? Is he diabetic? is he this is he that. Talk about compounding the stress as I of course knew none of the answers and could only say I don't know while feeling very unhelpful in not knowing anything. So the paramedics arrived and took over and took him to the hospital. When he fell he hit his head on the counter and then the copy machine. I had trouble going to sleep last night because all I saw was him shaking and then falling over. Anyway so he came back that night after he was released from the hospital. He had a good bruise on his eye and a cut on his chin. He proceeded to inform us though that he is a level 1 epileptic and that he is on medication to prevent them and that he had missed a dose. That is why he had one. I can totally see this happening, but I cannot help but be critical of someone who has such a serious condition that they forget a dose. I naturally did not relay this to him as he obviously had been through quite enough for a day. So after like thousands of phone calls to everyone and their brother in UPS to talk about what had happened I got my work done and after Izzy's made it home.

I went to bed early because I had to work at UPS this morning. So I got up and got there at 7:30 (on time for once) got things going and the drivers showed up. I got them all dispatched and then went out to close the back gate and then put the keys in the drop box for the other drivers. Nothing unusual happening. Went back to the office and did some work and read the paper and such until 11:30 when the first driver got back. I had to take the first three to go pick up rentals for monday so he hung out until two more showed up and we all left to go get these rentals. So we leave and go to close the gate only to find that the lock is missing. So I ask them all and they all said it wasn't there when they came back to the building. Yes you can just imagine my horror, because it was there that morning when I went back out. So we go to leave because the rental place is going to close and drive by the front gate only to see that it is open and that the lock is missing from it as well. So at this point I am just freaking out because that lock was locked and how the hell did they get it off. So we go in and I call my boss and he tells me to call security. They of course are mind boggled about it. In the meantime I sent the drivers with another one to go get the rentals. So I had to wait for them to get back and then go and doublecheck all doors in the building and all trucks before I got to leave to go to Portland to pick up two new locks and there of course have to tell the whole unbelievable story. Then go back and write up a report of what had happened (my second mind you as I had to write one for the seizure incident) and proceed to make other arrangements for getting the building checked on Sunday as Tom was not being helpful and leaving everything for me to do as usual. So I finally left there at 4pm when I normally leave at 12 or 12:30. WHAT A FREAKIN DAY!! So now I just ate my breakfast and am considering either a nep or a movie...we'll see
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
3:03 am
Desperate Housewives and Humanity

I mean at first we think we are getting something. We think that Betty's bound hostage is her ex-husband. We only find out that in fact she was just gaining the prescription necessary to keep the person quiet for Susan. And what is better than Susan backing over Edie HA HA HA HA!! Then there is Brie who finally breaks down in the arms of George, but not before she takes a good whack at that meddlesome mother-in-law. What a nut that one is. Then there is Gabby who gets her husband beat up because she talks the cell mates girlfriend out of a boob job HA HA HA HA I love it!!! And then there is Lynette. Yes Lynette who pulled one of the most amazing stunts, I think. She unleashes a rat in her house to make her husband clean it. And then is heartbroken when she finds out it was smashed with a shovel. HA HA This is just great, great, great!!!!!!!

Then on Grey's Anatomy comes on and they have the guy that swallowed the heads HA HA HA HA HA HA EWWWWW GROSS!!!!!! I mean really having to cut someone open and squeeze those things out of someones bowels and all the smell. UGH! UGH! UGH! And it sounds like Addy wants Derick back. So this is going to spell lots of trouble for Miss Meredith when she gets over being angry. Because you know she will totally want him back. And then poor Christina. What is she going to do with this baby. I mean really she doesn't have much more time to figure it out before she is not able to have an abortion. And then there is poor George who is head over heels for Meredith and he really stands no chance. Then there is Alex who I am really beginning to like. We are really starting to discover why he is the way he is. He is probably the most emotional of them all in terms of getting involved. I can't wait to see where it all leads too!!!

And finally on something completely unrelated, I had to work tonight. It was busy, like we needed two or three extra bodies busy. I was cashing out people while the host sat everyone. I was also helping in the kitchen and bussing tables and anticipating customer complaints before they occurred. Anyway I was cashing out and the host said to me that there was someone at the door that wished to speak with me. The people just kept coming to cash out and it must have been 10 minutes or so that passed and I got to the last person in my neverending line. While in the midst of that transaction I remembered that there had been someone wishing to speak with me. So I finished and went to the lobby and there sat a guy and a woman. The guy definitely looking older than what he probably was. They were homeless. You could just tell at first glance. I asked if he had wanted to speak to me. He said is it possible for us to eat something. Some pizza. Anything. I don't have any money though. I'll clean your parking lot for you if you like. I said no that was not necessary that we would feed them this one time. As I had to be sure that it didn't become a regular request. That I would not be able to tolerate, being taken advantage of that is. So I went to check to see if we had a table open and then took them up. I was just doing what was right. What both my heart and my mind told me to do. So I sat them and went back down where there were more people to cash out. So I went up and the lady asked me if I was going to feed them. I said yes. She said thank-you. She said that just made my day. So thank-you. She said it is good to know that there is humanity left. I didn't know quite how to respond and so just kind of related the story of what had just transpired. She thanked me again and then left. But it made me think for the rest of the night about what she had said about there being humanity. And I was thinking about whether we had really come to a point where we may have thought there was none left. But on the way home I realized that there is. There is a lot of humanity in this world. There is a lot of humanity that transpires on a daily basis. I just think that our lives have become so fast paced and self absorbed that we don't always notice it. In fact we don't notice a lot of things. But humanity is not dead. It is not even on life support. Humanity is alive and kicking. It is just not doing so in the public eye and it is probably better left that way. Untouched, unnoticed, but very much alive.

I don't know I just thought I would share that because it was on my mind and I was typing
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
2:31 am
Katrina! Katrina!
I just have to share my thoughts on this hurricane. So be prepared for a lot of rambling and some incoherentness. First can you believe this asshole we call a President. It is not until Wednesday that he addresses the horrible situation. And even then he flies over in his fancy jumbo jet. He does not even land and talk to the people and officials and get things set up. No he has to end his billion day vacation to go back to the White House to give a press conference. Then in the press conference he tells us that the government will help, but the private sector needs to do their part too. He tells me that I have to do my part. What about all those companies you have given huge tax breaks and subsidies to that are just boiling over in cash. What about all your rich friends. What about the richest people in this country. Why not say to them now is the time to unload a million or so. I mean Jesus. This guy is beyond whatever unbelievable could possibly be in this day and age. These poor people have no homes. NOTHING! And even when the water is gone they will still have nothing because there will be so much water damage that they will just have to bull doze it all and rebuild. How many can afford that? UH None! And then there is the preparedness. First of all I have to fault the people in this city to a certain degree because I don't care how poor you are or anything, if you hear/see that a huge devastating hurricane is headed your way I get out. I find a way out whether by bus, foot, bike, whatever. Now then with that said the officials in this city should all be fired. I mean come on they have known for years that they need to fix the levees and be more prepared for this exact situation. It would have cost them $14 million to make the repairs and upgrades. No one knows what the price tag is going to be for this, but I would venture to say that $50 billion dollars is not out of the question. HMMMMM! $14 mil or $50 bil I know what I would take. They saw this hurricane coming for days. Why was the National Guard not already deployed and just waiting in Texas to go the extra few miles. They knew the city was going to flood. They knew it was going to be disasterous, not this bad, but they knew it was going to be bad just because of the nature of how New Orleans is set below sea level. They should have had the National Guard set and ready to go. I mean the FEMA director is coming on saying well he had no idea there were thousands of people at the convention center. Well the people have been there for three days. I knew they were there. What the fuck kind of shell does he live under that he doesn't see CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Newspapers, Internet, Hell Word of fucking mouth. God I hate this administration of idiots. Why has it taken three days for any mobilization and relief to get to these people. Why wasn't it set in motion on Monday when we saw the mess that was left and knew that help was needed. I just don't get it. And now for the media I have to lay in to them in a bit because of the outrageous way that they exploit these poor, hungry, thirsty, homeless, people. They go in and with very, very leading questions they try to get them to say certain things or imply certain things. Or ask them specific questions that they know will make the victim cry because a crying person on TV after a huge disaster is good and what is needed. Why can't they just report what is going on, which they have been doing and well for once I think. They are even going after that bastard and his misadministration. I saw an editorial today that I could not believe by some reporter on CNN. He ripped Bush and the government a new asshole and it was refreshing to hear. And finally the gas! If this fucker in the white house had even the slightest set of balls he would announce the immediate arrest of all the heads of the oil companies for this outrageous price gouging that is going on. I know that there is no oil crisis. Not right now. In two weeks could there be, yes maybe if things are not being repaired. But there is no goddamn oil crisis and especially HERE! These oil companies are making such huge profits it is disgusting. They have just used this disaster as an excuse to make even more money. They are no better then the scum that is shooting at people trying to be evacuated from hospitals. The whole thing has me outraged right now. It is just too much to handle.
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
2:33 am
RUFUS! RUFUS! RUFUS! and Ben Folds
Well due to some parking difficulties I arrived 10 minutes late and so only heard a couple songs by Ben Lee, whom I don't have much experience with and it was fine.

But then the Coup-de-gras (is that how that goes) occured when Rufus came out to serenade us all with his ever entrancing vocals. God I just love him. He sang a lot of the stuff that I really love although I wish he would have sang longer because there were some things that I didn't get to hear. Oh well I will just have to wait until he is here next time. I was more than completely satisfied with what I got. Except for the rude dumbfucks that were standing around me. They were very rude during his songs just walking off and talking. I just love him so. His songs are just amazing. And he sang Hallelujah and Poses and Pretty Things and California. All of which I love.

Then after the Great one left the stage Ben Folds came out and was fantastic. He was very, very energetic and just great. He just whaled on the piano and sang and whaled and it was really, really, really great. The best part being when Rufus came out to sing with him. That was hilarious and wonderful and great!

The whole show was just great. My track record is still intact for not having seen a bad concert yet.
Friday, August 26th, 2005
1:32 am
There Just Are No Words
At 6:41 AM Hunter Philip came into this world with a very healthy set of lungs. He was 8 pounds 3 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. I really had no idea I would feel the way that I do about him. It is just incredible. This overpowering sense of love and euphoria has been carrying me all day and probably will for the next week. This little guy is just so cute and precious and so, so innocent. I look at him and have to keep back the tears of joy and love, he is so perfect. He of course is absolutely adorable and even more so when he sucks on his fingers. It is just amazing to watch as he cries and very shortly after starting finds his fingers to suck on and stops. Then he'll take them out and just look around and coo every now and again. It is just, well, inexplainable. There just are no words.

Needless to say there will not be a lack of love. He comes into four great grandmas and three great grandpas. Four grandmas and four grandpas. Two uncles and three aunts. And an enormous number of great aunts, great uncles, and second cousins. Love will not be lost on him.

There just are no words.
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
3:53 am
Alanis Morissette
Let me start by saying that I was not able to get the night off, but was able to leave early. And by early I mean the show started at 8 and I was able to get off at 7:30. But with my great driving skill I still made it by 7:52. Jason Mraz was the opening act. I enjoy some of his songs, but am kind of blah about him. Well let me tell you that this guy rocked. His voice range was amazing and he was funny and entertaining and just all around very impressive. He was superb.

Then we had to wait for 45 fucking minutes for Alanis to come out.

But when she came out it was just pure amazement from that point on. She sang everything obviously off Jagged Little Pill and then some off of other albums. She was amazing and the band was right on. Her voice is just...just...I don't know how to describe it...just amazing, beautiful, great, pure, and wonderful. She really blew my socks off and then some.

The crowd was amazing as the place was packed and they were all great and the whole thing was fantastic.

Just fantastic. I mean really, really great.
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
1:19 am
Oh Sandra!
Yes it is true! You have read the papers correctly. Sandra Say O' Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, has given the President her resignation so that she can float away into retirement and enjoy her husband while she is able in his final good years, months, weeks before Alzheimers completely consumes him.

The problem of course is the person in power who will be doing the nominating. Yes I am speaking of the illustrious Dubya. I have had a day now to process this all and to speak with people about it, trying to gauge their opinion, and I do not think we are doomed as I first thought upon hearing. I think that things will turn out not quite as bad as one might think. Do not get me wrong though it will not be good. It will just be less bad than we are all anticipating.

If Bush were to nominate some nutty judge like we all anticipate it would not only bite him squarely and forcefully in the ass it would crack the Republican party as a whole. Recent polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans support roe v wade remaining intact. This of course being the pivotal point of contention. So if he nominates some nut then in 2006 they would lose control of the congress and well he does not want that. So I think we can be rest assured that the person nominated will not be a complete nut, just slightly. But more importantly it will be someone who can and will be confirmed by the Senate.

Of course this man is a complete dolt and completely out of touch with reality so we may get the nutty nomination anyway. If that happens the Dems better fight and fight hard. Rather than play their roll over and scratch my belly routine that they have been pulling lately.

In other news Danica Patrick has won the pole for a race tomorrow. I have to say that she is slowly drawing me into the IRL. I have not watched a single race of that series since the infamous split in 1995, except for the three times I have gone to the Indy 500. But this just may very well be what draws me in to watch again. I have to say that I am very impressed by her and how she drives. She makes it very exciting. Of course my allegiance to Champ Car will not falter. They are without a doubt the best open wheel racing series on the planet and I think you would be hard pressed to find too many people who deep down wouldn't agree.
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
2:14 am
Freedom, 9/11, Freedom, 9/11
Well Bush went on TV today. And I had to work so I read it online. I am just so glad I didn't have to listen to the accent! I found certain parts kind of interesting.

"The terrorists who attacked us and the terrorists we face murder in the name of a totalitarian ideology that hates freedom, rejects tolerance and despises all dissent. Their aim is to remake the Middle East in their own grim image of tyranny and oppression by toppling governments, driving us out of the region and by exporting terror."

Well this sounds like an excerpt right out of the Republican handbook. Just throw in the terrorist here and there, but yeah right out of their handbook. They hate freedom of religion. They do not have tolerance for other groups, particularly the Gays. And above all they despise dissent of anything that they say because they are always right and never wrong.

"The troops here and across the world are fighting a global war on terror. The war reached our shores on September 11, 2001....Iraq is the latest battlefield in this war."
"Our military reports that we have killed or captured hundreds of foreign fighters in Iraq who have come from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and others."

So Iraq is where we should be because they are who attacked us on 9/11, but oh, wait, what is this? Bushy slipped because look at where all the terrorists came from. What the hell are we doing in Iraq then. If the terrorists came from these other countries shouldn't we be looking at them? Oh, Oh, I see yes not Saudi Arabia because daddy Bush might have a problem with that and all of his investments in oil and such. Where's Sudan? What country is that? Oh forget them they don't matter! Really what fun would there be in attacking Yemen, I mean eeeeeaaaaasssssyyyyy. We always just talk to Iran, Syria, and Egypt so why stop that because you know it works oh so well. Libya turned over a new leaf. They are good now. Please go there on vacation because you know one day bad next day good. It all changes just that quick.

"The progress in the past year has been significant and we have a clear path forward. To complete the mission, we will continue to hunt down the terrorists and insurgents."

Complete the mission? Complete the Mission!! Don't I recall a certain President landing onto an aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego and then speaking to the world under a banner that said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The mission has already been completed. He can't go back on that and complete it again. And if I remember correctly the war on terrorism is an ongoing thing. Something that may not end. Because we will always be hunting down cells of terrorists in different countries long after Iraq. Which by the way Rummy said that the insurgency in Iraq could last up to 12 years. Now that is reassuring. I am so glad the mission was accomplished so that we can go reaccomplish it again.

"I thank those of you who have re-enlisted in an hour when your country needs you. And to those watching tonight who are considering a military career, there is no higher calling than service in our Armed Forces. We live in freedom because every generation has produced patriots willing to serve a cause greater than themselves. Those who serve today are taking their rightful place among the greatest generations that have worn our nation's uniform. When the history of this period is written, the liberation of Afghanistan and the liberation of Iraq will be remembered as great turning points in the story of freedom."

Who needs actors! There is the newest commercial for the Army. Just show Bushy preaching that from the pulpit and the boys and girls are sure to flock. Flock in droves. There will be gaggles of them just from that. Really how desperate is that when the President has to go beg you to join the military. I mean really!

So it seems don't forget 9/11, freedom is on the march, freedom is hated, don't forget 9/11, freedom is hated. Does that sound about right?
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
2:13 am

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
1:26 am
Now then the OSCARS!! This is the biggest fashion night in the world, let alone for movies and such. First of all Chris Rock absolutely sucked. The opening was horrible and they better not ever have him back. Hello Robin Williams did a better job in his two minute intro to animation then Chris Rock did in 3.17 hours. Then what was with having people accept in the aisle. I mean that was so tacky i could not stand it. This is the awards show of all awards show and they could not even get on the stage to address the crowd and thank people properly and enjoy in that excitement. Absolutely deplorable. Who cares if the show goes long. Why stop it now. It never bothered anybody in the last 76 years of the show. I was okay with bringing all the people up on stage for the technical categories. They at least got to be on stage where they would possibly never be again in their life. Halle Berry looked ravishing as always and I loved her hair long. I did not understand why Oprah was there because she did not do anything. I just about peed myself when Babs came out to help present best picture. Hillary Swank looked good and gave a great speech. What was up with that ridiculous crooked bow tie that Clint Eastwood was wearing. It was ugly and went with nothing his too young wife was wearing. Morgan Freeman looked great and was just Morgan in his speech. I truly enjoy him a lot. Orlando Bloom looked great and I liked that he came out with Kirsten Dunst. What the hell is Sean Penn thinking. One his tux, if you can call it that, was appalling and then his hair. Did you see that hair, OMG it was awful. Leonardo DiCaprio looked good, but then he always does. And what is with Johnny Depp and that freaky beard/gotee thing. It just makes him look shady. Cate Blanchett was her typical graceful self. Julia Roberts was looking great for just having had twins and I was glad that she was there. What about Beyonce. She was everywhere and did a fabulous job. Especially that french song. I was very impressed when she sang that. And finally what was with all the black die jobs. Charlize Theron, Renee Zellwiger, and Drew Barrymore. I mean they were a bunch of pasty white women with pitch black hair. It just looked awful, absolutely horrible. And I can't stand Renee Zellwiger anyway. Her face drives me crazy it is so ugly. And what was up with the whole Catherine Zeta Jones not coming out to be with Adam Sandler? Gwyneth Paltrow look great as usual as well. Don Cheadle always has a great graciousness about him and tonight was no different. Jamie Foxx once again brought tears to my eyes. I think it is so awesome that he won and he brought his daughter to the awards as his date. How awesome is that. I will say that seeing Clint's mom was pretty cool.
Monday, January 3rd, 2005
12:30 am
Yes 2005 Already!
Aww well yes here we are at 2005. It is the beginning of another year where people start making all of these nonsensical New Year's Resolutions. I mean really. Who the hell follows through with this shit. I go to the gym and there is a new breed of fat people (sorry if that offends any of you, but it is true) there pumping iron and running their ass off on the treadmill. In about a month they will almost all be gone. they will not follow through. No one has the conviction to follow through anymore. Everyone is so lazy and flaky. You just have to do it people. If you aren't going to then don't waste the money on it or make more reasonable goals. There was a good idea in the paper today suggesting that maybe people should make small monthly goals rather than making these grand over-reaching bullshit ones that they never keep.

What a year it was though. The anti-christ was re-elected President and with his new found "mandate" he is going to really wreak havoc for the next four years. Taxes will be his main issue it seems. Just please let there be enough uprising of the people to keep him away from it all. Especially Social Security. Then of course there is Iraq where we continue to remain. I swear does nobody see how wrong it is that we are there. No of course not they just follow the herd and listen to what the "liberal" media says and what spues forth from this administration, who still to this day makes regular connections between 9/11 and Iraq.....For the love of that god that speaks directly to you Mr. President and that great big book of fables you love so much just tell the people the truth and stop this madness!!!!

And speaking of madness did you see what dubya donated---35 mill---wooooohooooo!!!! I cannot stand that man you have no idea how he makes me sick. If I were ever invited to the white House while he was in office I would go on the condition that I would not have to meet him, see him, or meet anyone in his cabinet. I would not be able to go and be nice. Thankfully they raised the amount to 350 mill, but I mean come on. Really!!! It takes the whole country and half the world bitching you out to make you raise it to a level that is what it should have been in the first place and then raised from there. I mean we started at 14 mill YES 14 MILL!!! Hello!!! Then to 35 mill well it costs just that to feed Iraq PER DAY! PER DAY IN IRAQ 35MILL FOR FOOD ALONE!!!!! and we can't donate to people who for once it is not this country who has destroyed their lives. I mean Japan has donated more money than us even now that we have raised it again. They have now donated $500 mill. Now that is a sizeable donation and one that I would have expected initially from the US, but alas I forgot we were being run by the Bush crime family.

Enough of that though. With the New Year I always start to think about the new and exciting adventures I may like to embark on. Last year it was a week in Europe (London, Paris, Brussels to be exact) The Indy 500 of course, and a week in Las Vegas. With mini weekend trips to Seattle scattered about. This year it will be not quite as grand I don't think although I do have a slight chance of going to Japan for a week. After looking at the airline prices I don't know if that will happen this year or not. The Indy 500 will for sure and then I would like to go to New York for a few days. I have not been there in 12 years and would just like to go back and visit. I really loved it when I was there before. Then there will be my scattered Seattle trips again and maybe even branching out up into Canada for something new. I don't know we'll see. It depends on how long the car trip is or maybe I could look into the train. Now that could be fun.

Also this year is "THE WEDDING" yes my sisters wedding. It will be the event of the year it looks like. I just hope my sister and mom don't kill each other before it comes. Or that my mom doesn't kill my dad and step-mom because they are being so ridiculously stupid about the whole thing. I swear the older I get the more that man pisses me off and the farther I grow from him rather than growing closer like I thought it would be when I was younger. But whatever that sob story is for another time.
Sunday, December 26th, 2004
3:09 am
Merry Christmas
Well it has surely been a while since I posted last. I have done nothing but work for the last month. And I mean work everyday at least 8 hours and up to 15. Pure hell I say. So tomorrow is the first day I have a chance to sleep in and now I have to go to my grandpa's. Of all the damn things. I could say no I don't want to go, but he is sick with the flu and they are going to chop wood for him and do some other things. What a jerk I would look like if I did not participate in this. I wish I had to work now at least then I would be making money. You see to get to my Grandpa's one must drive one hour and 45 minutes to get to his house. So it is not like we can just go over and do our thing and leave. It is a whole ordeal. But anyway...

In other news I was so, so happy that at dinner tonight as my step-dad was telling my other grandpa to say Grace the rest of us burst out in the reproduction of the scene from the movie Christmas Vacation. So we said the Pledge of Allegiance instead and laughed and well it was perfect. And I was glad because I do not pray and have no problem respecting other people's wish to do so. It is just that at the end everyone says Amen and I just sit there and don't say anything and it can be awkward sometimes. Because it is really not at that time that I should be projecting my opinion.

Christmas was great and I got everything that I wanted. It was a long, but very, very nice day. My dad didn't even piss me off and I am somewhat over being mad at him. Although my step-mom's family and friends are some of the rudest damn people I have ever met. I go out and say "Hi" in a nice inviting cheery way and they ignored me and never spoke to me at all. Assholes. So I just spent the majority of the time in the back room playing xbox. But my dad was good and not too argumentative or opinionated. The food was excellent of course. And then of course at my mom's we had a blast with my soon to be brother-in-law's family. They are the most enjoyable people. I look forward to many more family gatherings and outtings with them.

Alright gotta run. Maybe I will post more regularly, or not. We'll see. That could be my New Year's Resolution.
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
2:23 am
On How Wondrous Life is
So it appears as though an egregious mistake has been made in the LJ world. One that you would think was so important it would bring the whole goddamn system down. It really isn't. I do assure you of this. The mistake it seems is one that I made some number of days ago. This mistake was in accusing a certain LJ member of misspelling the word wondrous. As it turns out he spelled it correctly and I would like to apologize for the accusation that it had been spelled wrong. I would like to say, though, to the person who said that Mr. Lavidatirante would not correct the spelling of someone else is wrong. He has, He will, and He does. Just ask him and he will tell you as much. So anyway I apologize.
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
2:08 am
Well Hello There
Well in keeping with tradition. It has been a long time since I have posted. No one reads this anyway, but I will type away. Tonight was the second debate. It was about even although I think it will be found that Kerry will come out with a slight lead. Also I saw an electoral count today that shows Kerry with 280 and Bush with 239 with 19 undecided. It was somewhat encouraging to see, but I won't get too excited because anything can happen in the next three weeks. I do know that I will be glad when this election is over and I stop receiving political phone calls. They are really getting annoying as of late. Well I should head to bed now and prepare myself to go to my parents to watch their dogs while they are on vacation. Yes one of them is the icon I use. Oh yes she looks sooooo cute and harmless, but is really hell on 4 legs and worst of all she sleeps in the bed. And she just doesn't lay there. She cuddles with either her nose in your ear or her ass in you face. It makes every night ohhh so pleasant. I am truly looking forward to it.
Friday, March 5th, 2004
2:28 pm
Wow it has been a while since I have posted anything in here, but I do believe it is time. There is so much going on in the world that bears mentioning.

Like first and foremost same-sex marriage. Never did I think that it would happen in my own backyard. At least now. Down the road maybe, but not now. It is so fabulous I do not know how to explain the excitement and euphoria that overtakes a person with something like this. It is truly an amazing time in this countries history. Although it will not be an easy battle it will be a battle that in the end will be won on the merits of equality. It is a change, something that scares the shit out of people. People hate change in general, but if it were not for change we would still be in caves living like neanderthals. So support the "activist judges" and the intelligent open-minded legislators and show this country and the world that change is good and equality is right. And that we will not give up until the battle is won.

Oh and then there is our fearless leader dubya who well I am so disgusted and angry about him and everything hea has done and said I don't know where to begin. Suffice it to say that we must all get out and vote and end this reign of ignorance once and for all.

Oh and remember as was so eloquently wrote on a sign by a friend of daniel's, who happens to share my name, while they were down supporting the issuance of marriage licenses to gays, "god hates shrimp"....nuf said
Sunday, November 16th, 2003
12:28 am
Why am I here
Have you ever asked yourself that question of why. Why am I here? No not here on Earth, but in whatever situation you may find yourself. Like for myself I have recently very seriously begun to question why I work where I work and why I work as much as I do. I wonder why I am still in this god-for-saken town and why I have not gone to a place that I know I would be much happier. A place like Seattle or San Diego or Hawaii or London. Wouldn't it be fabulous to live in a different country for a while. Not forever. I don't know if I could move there for a long extended period of time, but definitely for a few years. I think it would be so great to go there and live and really get a different perspective on the world and life in general. I think that it would be more-so than just going and vacationing there for a week or so. When on vacation you can only take in so much in between visiting the queen, big ben, stonehenge, the tower, and the river Thames just to name a few. Yes I believe that living there would be the greatest experience. I think I could even deal with their weather, as it is the same as here, if I knew I was there. In a large grand fabulous city. I have visited a couple times and have truly fell in love with London. San Diego and Hawaii are really only enticing to me because of the sunshine. Yes I have found that I need sunshine. My body operates off of sunshine. If I go too long without, 9 months out of the year here, I find that my mood turns sour and I am more cranky then I should be and like to be. And then there is Seattle which is a perfectly fine city. I do truly enjoy it. I put it on the list only because it is actually the closest to my mom. Yes my mom. The reason, I'm starting to realize, that I am still here. Yes I admit it I am a momma's boy. I am very apprehensive about going too far from mommy. I know that once I did it and was wherever I went for a month I would be fine, but it is that initial just doing it. Why must it be so hard. Why am I here?
Monday, November 10th, 2003
12:36 am
what a day
I woke up this morning to the sunshine and it was just gorgeous outside. I took care of my errands and things around the house and then was off to work. That's where things went wrong. From the moment I walked in to the time I left it was nothing but horrible. Bad scheduling of staff and pissed off customers makes for a nightmare. Add to that a truly crazy assistant manager and you have a recipe for pure hell. Yes the asst is crazy I have finally come to this conclusion and because of him we have lost 2 good employees and almost lost 3 more between friday and saturday. I had only heard the stories of how he would be nice one second and then go nuts the next and thought there had to be some exaggeration on the part of the couple employees that came to me. That is until I witnessed it myself. Right in the middle of a sentence he went from nice to psycho, screaming and yelling. I was in shock. I could not believe it. It was this behavior that has everyone hating him. And they all for whatever reason come to me and use me as the go between with the manager. So it is expected that I am to relay the incident to the manager and get him to fix it. Unfortunately unless you see this true act of craziness it is hard to believe and understand. So it is hard to convince him that this is really going on. I know I too did not completely believe it until I saw it. But I trudge on relaying the info hoping that sometime soon something permanent is done.

My mood is better now though. I recorded Alias and just got done watching it. I love this show. I absolutely love this show. There are very few shows, if any, that can continuously reinvent themselves and keep the audience guessing all the time. Around every corner there is a new twist or surprise. It really is great television. It keeps my mind going trying to figure out who is involved or what is going to happen or be discovered. Yes I love this show.
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